‘The Second Coming of Steve Jobs’ Book Review


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Dated, and lacking the magic of a truly insightful biography.

The Second Coming of Steve Jobs‘ is an interesting and well-researched account of Steve Jobs’ life through his “wilderness years” after being ousted from Apple in 1985, the failure of Next, almost accidental redemption through Pixar and triumphant return to Apple.

The book presents the good Steve/bad Steve dichotomy that represent this fascinating man’s maniacal genius. This account, while full of interesting anecdotes and little-remembered facts lacks the magic of a truly insightful biography. There’s a certain snidely vindictive tone throughout that smacks of envy and a lack of understanding. The author appears to not much like Steve Jobs, but he remains fascinated with him nonetheless. The story-telling has a journalistic quality that reads like a tabloid gossip column with drama, dirt and lots of juicy details.

Published in 2000, the book is dated. None of the details of the runaway success of the iPod and iPhone are included, so the reader will be left hungry for more. I read this book before Walter Isaacson’s definitive biography was published. I recommend ‘The Second Coming‘ only for readers who either want a quick snapshot into the darker side of Steve Jobs or those willing to read more than one biography.

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