Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s Epic Goodbye

Microsoft CEO, 57-year old Steve Ballmer, was visibly emotional as he said goodbye to the 13,000 employees of the company that made him a billionaire. The 6’5″ hulk of man screeched “you work for the greatest company in the world” to roaring applause and screams of “we love you”, from the audience.

Appointed in 2000, Ballmer had held the post of CEO for the last 13 years, but he had worked for Microsoft for a total of 33 years. Steve Ballmer joined Microsoft on June 11, 1980, after graduating from Harvard University in 1977 with a degree in applied mathematics and economics. Hired by Bill Gates, he became Microsoft’s 30th employee and its first business manager.

Ballmer has long been known for his flamboyant stage appearances. He’s never been afraid of displaying his energetic and exuberant persona before Microsoft employees and shareholders. This farewell is no exception. He chose the closing song from the film ‘Dirty Dancing’ as he tearfully left the stage: “I’ve had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you”. When you’ve had and amazing run, this is how you say goodbye.

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