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Iron, Anemia and the Cardiovascular System

When we breathe in, oxygen enters the lungs and is absorbed into the blood stream. The heart pumps this oxygenated blood to the muscles and all the tissues in the body via the arteries. The waste byproduct carbon dioxide is then produced and absorbed back into the blood. This de-oxygenated blood is pumped back to the heart via the veins then on to the lungs to be re-oxygenated. The lungs get rid of this carbon dioxide as we breathe out. This whole process happens seamlessly with every breath we take. It is incredibly efficient, taking only 60 seconds to get oxygen to the trillions of cells in your body.

Hemoglobin is the iron-laden protein which does the work in the red-blood cells. It is responsible for transporting oxygen to, and carbon dioxide away from your body’s muscles and tissues. When there is not enough hemoglobin, then the very basic cardiovascular function is interrupted.  The body struggles to transport sufficient oxygen to the cells, and the symptoms of anemia show up: extreme fatigue, paleness, headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, cold hands, fast heartbeat and tingling in the legs. Chronically anemic people may not be aware of these symptoms, but may instead develop a pica, such as chewing on ice. Generally, the treatment for the most common form of anemia is to eat iron rich foods, take iron supplements, or get a blood transfusion in emergency cases.

My Story

I have been iron-deficient anemic for the past fifteen years or so. This has been further complicated by the fact I have difficulty tolerating and absorbing iron pills. I eat lots of high-iron foods all the time. Over the years I have had to occasionally resort to intravenous iron treatments, and emergency blood transfusions. I’ve “borrowed” several pints of blood from some amazing people along the way.

Getting hopefully my last transfusion in 2011

Hemoglobin levels are measured with an Hb count. A normal Hb count for women is 12 – 16 grams per deciliter. At one point, my Hb count dropped to about a third of normal – 4.6. As a chronically anemic person, my body adapted to functioning well with very low levels of available hemoglobin, with very few noticeable symptoms. Last September, feeling fatigued, I discovered that my Hb count was at 6.7. The last thing I wanted was a transfusion, so I did two things differently. 1. I adopted a strict gluten-free diet; I suspected that gluten intolerance might be to blame for my apparent inability to properly absorb iron, and 2. I started taking S.S.S. Tonic. Within three months, my Hb count was at 9.7 and climbing.

I have finally been able to conquer an issue that has plagued my life for more than a decade, thanks to SSS Tonic – my miracle in a bottle. SSS Tonic is a super high potency iron and vitamin B supplement. An old-timey, somewhat unpleasant dark liquid that’s 12% alcohol, it has been manufactured by the SSS Company for over 180 years. After years of taking oral iron supplements, it is the only one that has ever made a difference for me.

Below is a hilarious video advertisement for SSS Tonic intended for Caribbean audiences.


Now It’s Your Turn

Are you chronically anemic? Please consider taking SSS Tonic regularly to boost your iron levels and achieve optimum health. It works. Be sure to consult your health care provider first, as iron overdoses can be toxic. Share your story with me in the comments section below.

Do you know someone who is anemic? Maybe they look pale or they’re addicted to chewing on ice? Please share this post with them to help them take charge of their health.


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