If You’re Not Doing Something That Scares You…

July is here. The year 2011 is half over. To an optimist, this marks a unique threshold of opportunity: six more months to do more, see more, learn more, be more.

What have you done with your first six months? Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment? These were some of the questions running through my mind in the last couple of days. More importantly, I asked myself: what will you do with the next six months?

I was inspired to start a blog after recently finishing Gary Vaynerchuk’s book ‘Crush It!’. One of the central learning points his book left with me is the concept of developing a personal brand.

This really scared me. I’ve believed in good, old fashioned hard work to get me where I am today. I have mostly ‘kept my head down’ and avoided ‘sucking up’ and ‘brown-nosing’. And while I consider myself to be a reasonably open person, there’s a dichotomy in my personality that makes me intensely reserved. I don’t talk much. I’m not quiet or shy, but I believe in keeping ideas not yet fully formed to myself.

The thought of sharing my day-to-day experiences, moments of inspiration, fledgling opinions and embryonic passions with world left me feeling terrified. And yet here I am. I figure if you’re not doing something that scares you, then you’re probably not really growing.

Here’s to personal growth and happiness. Welcome to my world.

About Joya Martin

I am an award-winning business leader and experienced accounting professional living in the gorgeous Caribbean. I'm inspired by books, photography, art, beauty, nature, freedom, learning and love. My passion is continuous learning, growth and improvement. I believe in people. Here you will find the tools, tips and motivation you need to help you achieve happiness and success beyond your wildest dreams.

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